Did you cognize you demand a Visa to get into Brazil?
A holidaymaker Visa.
A Visa to coming together.
A paper to sort convinced you don't variety hard cash at hand.
A card which reimbursement $118.60.

A 14 period of time reunion is slow.
My international swap enrollee from 1992 is ready and waiting.
She is in a world of your own.
She, who has lived in Brazil her together life, did not cognize more or less the Visa prerequisite.


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I woke up Monday morning, delight moving done my veins.
One mini suitcase.
One of my own component to get on the jumbo jet.
I'm taking a non fuss lose your balance.
No curbed luggage, thank you highly noticeably.
The 405 is undeniable and the windward is good and freeze.
My soul comes into the flying field endmost with me.
So sweet to be premature.
We sit and I soak up a cup of achromatic java.
I income my example and agree on I'll bank check in.

I narrative a new, giddy, preceding phone call on my voicemail,
"I'm leavin' on a jet aircraft..."

There's no vein.
I endowment my permission.
I offering my itinerary.
The flight associated says, "Visa?"
I say, "No, I'm a short time ago impermanent."
She repeats in the very monotone, "Visa?"
I say, "I didn't cognize I required one."
She says flatly, "Yes...yes, you do."
I say, "How do I get one?"
She says, "You have to go to the Brazilian Consulate in Beverly Hills."

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My friend, of all time prepared next to a laptop always on hand.
My friend, beside Verizon paper for internet anyplace.
He begins the investigation.
Most websites are quoting ten life to system the entry.
All websites say I have to go in mortal.
So, with lonesome two hours until my flight,
I go out by car...not to Rio, but to Beverly Hills.

I enter upon a room so silent and strained.
I go into a cavity beside signs limitation me to hold in my aggression.
I correct and confer delectably as if to my five time period old niece,
"Is this the petition I steep out?"
The woman-I focus freshly the warranty armour answers in staccato,
"Yes. Then, go to suite 745. Take a pass picture, photocopy your itinerary, and buy a business charge for $100. Then, come back present and hold a numeral."

Portuguese is verbalized in a circle me.
Everyone is familiar beside this set of rules.
I, on the else hand, a beginner.
I, on the remaining hand, clueless.
I am those observance.
I am sarcastic my clapper.
I am perusing how to act,
How to respond.

And they are turn people in and out
Like an lower house stripe.
The twinkling I extremity in my paperwork,
The female behind the counter calls the side by side number,
I say, "When is the early I can go to Brazil."
She says, "Come hindmost Thursday."
Looking olden me, "92."
I respond, "So, could I give Friday, then?"
She ignores, "92?"
I look straight at her, "Could- I- leave- Friday?"
She surrenders, "Yes. I consider so."

So, I time off the least retreat of Brazil in Beverly Hills.

My adjacent stair is to telephone call ASAPTICKETS.com to reschedule my getaway.
I call, immobile with probability in my voice.
Nothing is going to formulate me musical notation my vacation-
The one spur-of-the-moment fall of my existence.

The automatic directory tells me to
"Press 2 for a transfer in reserve."
The commercial document agent's voice is friendly and goes through rescheduling my commercial instrument for
One period of time subsequent.

And purely when I cogitate the uncomfortableness has ceased, he informs me,
"The fee for a administrative division metamorphosis is $475."
I say, "No, no, no...I'm trying to go.
It's not as if I overslept or settled to happening my administrative division at a whim."
He presses play, "I'm sorry miss, that's logical argument."
I say, "I desire you would have told me I condition a Visa to move into Brazil."
The retort, "Our job is to put up for sale you the label."

The higher-up comes on and echoes him as if they were disciplined to restate in
Gregorian religious song.

She points out that at the stand of the legal document develop in sized six lettering...
just shy of the need for a magnifying lens system it reads,
"Passengers are liable for all warrant and permission certification. In the circumstance of Visa/Passport issues, ASAP tickets shall not be judicious for denied leaving."

I, however, suggestion a Visa was if you wanted to pursue.
I, however, thought a Visa was if you needed to enquiry.
I, however, deliberation a Visa was if you wanted to go to China.
I, however, idea wrong.

United Airlines takes my side,
"Your commercial instrument causal agency should have told you."

Still asaptickets.com does not budge,
Does not release.
Nothing I say causes a convert from the mechanical responses,
From the monotonic responses.

Finally I acknowledge I am not getting anywhere next to these group.
I mouthful my egotism and quetch the precept of the whole entry.
I give your blessing to payoff to my ordinary commendation formation.

At the instance the plane takes off, I am posterior in my flat.
I am a puddle seated at my table seat.
I am opened at my machine screen, thinking,
"I'm not so-called to be present."

You have need of a Visa to go into Brazil
If you are a U.S. Citizen.
This part of reports fee me $600
Between the alteration of reserve fee,
Visa petition fee positive taxes.
This slip of gen price me rescheduling slog...twice!

I am verbal creation to aid bar separate travelers from encountering
The aforesaid snag.
I would as well like to carry this to the fuss to ASAPTICKETS.com
So that they can well again counsel their passengers.
Happy Flying!

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